Vika and Linda



Produced by
Paul Kelly


01   Hard Love

02   When will you fall for me

03   House of love

04   Gone again

05   We've started a fire

06   I didn't know love could be mine

07   Sacred things

08   Love this time

09   Ninety nine years

10   I know where to go to feel good

11   These hands

12   The blue hour

Princess Tabu



Produced by 
Vika & Linda Bull,
Jeremy Allom
and Diesel



The title was inspired by fairytale, it's like a fable about two twin sisters. Their mother died in childbirth, and they were separated for ten years, and they grew up alone, and apart. One was called Princess Ta, and one was called Princess Bu. 

01   The Parting Song    

02   The Honey Bee     

03   Grandpa's Song    

04   Only In My Dreams    

05   Mama Shake That Thing    

06   Love Comes Easy    

07   Princess Tabu    

08   Don't Wanna Be A Nutcase    

09   Carry Me    

10   Between Two Shores    

11   Akilotoa     

12   Malo 

Two Wings



Produced by
Paul Kelly
and Renée Geyer    

01   I'm On My Way

02   Be Careful What You Pray For    

03   Home In My Heart    

04   Caution    

05   God's Little Birds    

06   Reach For You    

07   Lead On Me    

08   Let Me In    

09   If I Could Start Today Again    

10   Feeling Good    

11   Tied In Knots    

12   Feel The Spirit

Live & Acoustic



Recorded live at
The Continental 


Produced by
Jeff Burstin,
Vika Bull and
Linda Bull

01   Be careful what you pray for

02   Two Wings    

03   I'm on my way    

04   We've started a fire    

05   When will you fall for me    

06   God's little birds    

07   Grandpa's Song    

08   Princess Tabu    

09   Hard Love    

10   Reach for you    

11   Feeling good    

12   Feel the spirit

13   If I could start today again

Love is Mighty Close



Produced by Jeff Burstin

01   Love Is Mighty Close to You    

02   Your Love Is Like A Star    

03   Skylarking    

04   It Starts With Snow    

05   You Touch Me Down To My Soul    

06   Always Greener    

07   Holy Waters    

08   I Don't Want Another Lover    

09   High And Low    

10   To Be Good Takes A Long time 

11   Too Many Heart    

12   Lullaby    

Tell The Angels



Recorded at
The Cornish Arms
June / July / August 2003


Produced by
Vika And Linda Bull

01   Are You Sure     

02   Didn't It Rain     

03   Don't Knock     

04   Who Rolled The Stone Away     

05   Tell The Angels     

06   Freedom Road     

07   Let Us Sing     

08   Gods Little Birds     

09   Slow Train     

10   John The Revelator     

11   See How He Kept Me

Between Two Shores



Produced by 
Vika and Linda Bull,
Chris Bekker and
Dion Hirini

01   Chained to the Wheel

02   When Will You Fall For Me

03   Never Let Me Go

04   I Know Where To Go To Feel Good

05   House of Love

06   These Hands

07   The Blue Hour

08   Holy Waters

09   Ninety Nine Years

10   Love Comes Easy

11   Hard Love

12   Grandpa's Song

13   The Parting Song

14   Between Two Shores

Live 2010

Recorded Live in 
September 2010 
Recorded, Mixed 
and Mastered
by John Proe

01   Set on Freedom

02   We've Started a Fire

03   I'm on My Way

04   Be Careful What You Pray For

05   Holy Waters

06   Never Let Me Go

07   Hard Love

08   Love Comes Easy

09   Grandpa's Song

10   Who Rolled The Stone Away

11   Gods Little Birds

12   If I Could Start Today Again

Live 2011



Recorded Live in 
February 2011 


Recorded, Mixed 
and Mastered
by John Proe

01  Set on Freedom

02   I'm on My Way

03   Be Careful What You Pray For

04   Love Comes Easy

05   Never Let Me Go

06   Slow Train

07   Hard Love

08   Holy Waters

09   House of Love

10   Who Rolled The Stone Away

11   The Honey Bee

12   If I Should Fall Behind